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ACT NOW – Cathay Pacific Marco Polo Gold Card Offer Expiring



The offer of a free Marco Polo Gold Card when signing up to the Amex Platinum card expires on 31 March. For full details of the deal, see this post.

If you want to take advantage of this amazing benefit, you need to sign up NOW in order to get your Platinum card through in time to sign up for the Marco Polo Gold Card.

A fresh referral link is on the Miles Mogul facebook page. I am extremely grateful for each and every referral!

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Get money back for everything you buy online with TopCashBack

Following on from yesterday’s post, here is a bit more information on TopCashBack – in my opinion the best paying cashback site in the UK.

How does cash back work?

When purchasing anything online, click through to the retailers site from a cash back site like TopCashBack. The cashback site will offer a percentage cashback on any purchase you make after clicking through from the cashback site. This tracks in your cashback account, and once confirmed, can be paid out in various ways, but most simply, directly to you bank account FOR FREE!

How much cash back can I earn?

Some sites pay a cash amount, and some pay a percentage on your purchase. Remember, almost every retailer you can think of have an offer. I have included some popular retailers, and some stand out deals in the table below (correct as of 7.2.14):

Retailer Cashback
Expedia 12.6%
Apple store 3.15%
Amazon 6.3%
Ebookers.com 13.65%
Thetrainline 3.15%
Marks and Spencer 3.15%
Sky TV/Broadband £236.25 (up to £194.25 for existing customers)
TM Lewin 12.6%
Aviva home insurance £63.00
Heathrow Airport Parking 9.45%
Plusnet Broadband £105.00

Turning cashback into avios

There are various different ways of being paid your cashback. The most simple is a bank transfer directly to your bank account. You can also get vouchers with retailers like Amazon and M&S and topcashback will give you a 5% bonus!

You can also take advantage of this 5% bonus and get paid in Tesco Clubcard points. These can then be converted to Avios at a rate of 1:2.4!

An example:

You book a week in a hotel after clicking through to Expedia from topcashback. The total cost of the hotel is £396.82.

You receive 12.6% cash back for this purchase = £50.00.

You transfer to your Tesco Clubcard account (1p=1 point) so with the 5% bonus you now have 5500 Clubcard points.

You convert these to Avios (done quickly online or on the telephone) at a rate of 1:2.4. 13200 Avios lands in your BA Executive Club account!

How do I get 500 Clubcard points (1200 Avios) just for signing up?

It is completely free, you just need to sign up though my referral link by clicking here!

I get a small bonus, for which I am extremely grateful, and you get your free Avios/points which you otherwise won’t get!


I urge you all to sign up (here!) and use this for all your online purchases. My accounts have paid hundreds and hundreds of pounds which I would never have received!

As always, please feel free to comment with any questions or additional tips you may have. Please follow the blog by entering your email below to get posts straight to your inbox, and follow the Miles Mogul on Facebook!


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Free Lounge Access for a year, 35,000 points and MUCH MORE with Amex Platinum without paying the £450 fee!!

After a ridiculously long time away, I am returning to share a deal that I just successfully took advantage of myself that I don’t want anyone to miss out on.

The product is the American Express Platinum Charge Card.

An overview

The benefits are second to none, and the best part is that you keep most of the benefits, even after cancelling the card.

This is absolutely key, because Amex charge a hefty £450 annual fee for the card, BUT this is refunded pro-rata when you cancel the card. You may only need to keep the card for a month of so, so you can expect in this situation to only pay a total of £37.50. An absolutely fantastic deal!

When I cancelled my card yesterday after 5 weeks, Amex simply gave me a full refund. I kept the benefits and paid nothing.

What are the benefits?

I will focus here on the benefits you will get to keep even after cancelling the card.

Cathay Pacific Marco Polo Club Gold Card

IMPORTANT: This is only available as a benefit until 31 March 2014. YOU MUST APPLY BEFORE THIS DATE.

This gives you “Sapphire Status” in the One World Alliance. So whenever you travel on airlines such as American Airlines, British Airways, Cathay Pacific, Qantas, Iberia, Qatar and any other One World airline, even when travelling in economy, you will get the following perks:

· Free business class lounge access (plus 1 guest)

· Business class check-in

· Priority boarding

· Free seat selection at the time of booking for every passenger on the same booking (on British Airways you have to usually wait until 24 hrs before your flight)

· Free extra baggage allowance (2 x 32kg bags on British Airways)

Click here for full details on the Cathay Pacific Marco Polo Gold Card

Hotel Status


Set out in the table below are the cards and their related benefits that you will receive for three different hotel groups.

Group and status Brands Benefits Link for more info
Club Accor Platinum · Sofitel· Pullman

· Novotel

· Mercure

· Ibis

· Adagio

· Thalassa

· Free internet· Welcome drink

· Late check-out

· Early check-in

· Room upgrade

· Executive Lounge

Club Accor Platinum
Starwood Preferred Guest Gold · Westin· W Hotels

· Sheraton

· Four Points

· Le Meridien

· St Regis

· Aloft

· The Luxury Collection

· Element

· Late check-out· Room upgrade

· Welcome gift

Starwood Preferred Guest Gold
Club Carlson Gold · Radisson· Park Plaza

· Park Inn

· Country Inns & Suites

· Free Internet· Early check-in

· Late check-out

· Welcome gift

· Food and drink discounts

Club Carlson Gold

Car Hire Status

You will also gain status in Hertz and Avis. This gives you a number of benefits including free upgrades.

Sign-up bonus

American Express are offering a bonus of 30,000 Membership Reward points if you spend £2,000 in 3 months on the card. This is enough for 3 return flights in Europe, or a return flight to Tel Aviv if converted to Avios. For more information on what you can do with these points, click here. IMPORTANT: you will not receive this sign-up bonus if you have held the American Express Gold Charge Card, or the Platinum card within the last six months.

Referral bonus

If I refer you, Amex will give you 35,000 miles! This is a hefty increase. If you are eligible for the sign-up bonus, this is well worth it, and I will be extremely grateful for the small incentive Amex give me!


If you are not eligible for the sign up bonus, I can still refer you, but as you will not get any bonus points yourself, you could go down the cashback route. Topcashback.co.uk are offering £52.50 cashback for signing up to the card. This is paid very quickly. If you then cancel the card quickly enough, you will not pay any of the £450 fee, and you will have made £52.50, and kept the benefits of the card.

If you decide to go down this route, PLEASE sign up to topcashback through my referral link: http://www.topcashback.co.uk/ref/nickykelvin

If you do, you will receive a bonus 500 Tesco Clubcard points!

I would recommend signing up for topcashback anyway, as you can make money on pretty much all your online purchases. This can be extremely rewarding, e.g. getting 10.5% back on Hotels.com could give you some serious spending money as a bonus on your next holiday! I will do a full blog post on this soon.

Your options:

Route A – for those who don’t have either the Amex Gold or Platinum charge card

1. Sign up through my referral link (here – on the Miles Mogul Facebook page or contact me for a referral email)

2. Sign up for all the benefits outlined above through Amex (this is very simple)

3. Spend £2,000 in 3 months on the card to get 35,000 (only if you use my referral link – otherwise 30,000)

4. Transfer your Membership Rewards points from Amex to your preferred programme (this will be British Airways Avios for most of my readers)

5. Cancel the Platinum Card and receive a pro-rated refund of the annual fee and keep the benefits.

Route B – for those who already have the Amex Gold card or don’t want to spend on the card

1. Sign up through my referral link (here – on the Miles Mogul Facebook page or contact me for a referral email), or through the topcashback referral link to get £52.50 and 500 tesco club card points (through this link only).

2. Sign up for all the benefits outlined above through Amex (this is very simple)

3. Cancel the Platinum Card and receive a pro-rated refund of the annual fee – in my case, after 5 weeks, they refunded the ENTIRE fee. I paid nothing.


As always, please feel free to comment with any questions or additional tips you may have. Please follow the blog by entering your email below to get posts straight to your inbox, and follow the Miles Mogul on Facebook!


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Spending Avios – Reward Flight Saver

Earning Avios is the easy part. As many of you will have experienced, redeeming your Avios is more challenging.

Today I will look at the concept of “Reward Flight Saver” although I intend on delving into redemption extensively, and I will tackle issues one at a time in the coming weeks. I will also talk about Upgrading Using Avios, Fifth Freedom Flights and ex-EU flights (i.e. using a mainland European city as your starting point for a journey) amongst a million other things! Through these topics, I will always concentrate on how to extract the maximum value from your Avios.

Reward Flight Saver (“RFS”)

Key to the value of RFS tickets are the avoidance of crippling taxes. The wide variety of taxes payable when flying still apply to redemption tickets, and often make a redemption ticket more expensive than a discounted cash ticket you could buy on the internet!

RFS allows you to pay flat fee taxes of £30 for a return economy journey (£45 for business class) for any journey of less than 2000 miles.

This covers a wide range of destinations in Europe. For example a return flight to Prague will cost 9000 Avios + £30 in taxes.

I don’t live in London! Travelling from regional airports (Leeds-Bradford, Manchester, Glasgow etc.)

As an added bonus, you can tag on a regional flight for no extra cost. For example, flying from Leeds-Bradford to Prague (via Heathrow) will still cost 9000 Avios + £30. This is fantastic value for all my Leeds pals!

Is it just British Airways?

No! RFS also applies in the same way to all Iberia flights (this could get you to Senegal and Mauritania from Madrid!) and British Airways “Fifth Freedom” flights (a BA flight that doesn’t take off or land in the UK, such as the Antigua to Grenada hop – more about this in another post!). You can also get RFS for slightly different prices on Vueling, and Comair (in South Africa)

Where can I go?

Any flight under 2000 miles is covered for £30. Here are some popular destinations, and how many Avios you must pay. Double the amount of Avios for Business class.

Destination Avios for an economy return
Paris 9000
Copenhagen 9000
Berlin 9000
Nice 9000
Rome 15000
Malaga 15000
Budapest 15000
Venice 15000
Moscow 20000
Marrakech 20000
Cyprus (Larnaca or Paphos) 20000
Istanbul 20000

Moscow – A First Class opportunity


Moscow is the only route covered by RFS on which British Airways operates long haul aircraft. Most interestingly, one flight of the three-a-day service is operated by a Boeing 747-400 Jumbo Jet. This flight is the only one where you can redeem a FIRST CLASS flight under an RFS ticket. For those who would love to try British Airways’ flagship service, this could be the ticket for you. This flight would normally cost around £2500, but could be yours for 60,000 Avios + £45 in tax.

How do I book?

You can book online at ba.com by signing into your Executive Club account. Follow the links to “Spending Avios”, and “Book Using Avios”.

The system is very easy to use, and the RFS will be available automatically.

Availability tends to be quite good on these flights. I have searched a few dates for all the routes, including Moscow in First Class, and in terms of availability, I certainly wouldn’t have any trouble booking flights if I wanted to.

Remember, you can transfer Amex Membership Rewards points into your Executive Club account, but it may be worth waiting for a transfer bonus to pop up.

In conclusion…

Reward Flight Saver offers fantastic value on short haul flights. Play around on ba.com to see what’s available.

As always, please feel free to comment with any questions or additional tips you may have. Please follow the blog to get posts straight to your inbox, and follow the Miles Mogul on Facebook!


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Along with Foursquare, there are amazing opportunities here for saving huge chunks of cash using “Quidco”


What is Quidco?

Quidco is a cashback site working with an enormous range of high street, finance, travel and fashion companies. You follow the link to these retailers on the Quidco site, and earn various rates of cashback. The money builds up in your account and can be paid straight into your current account.

Quidco pass on all the referral fees they receive to you!

What offers are available?

You should check out site as the range of offers is truly astounding, but here is a selection of some of the best, from a range of different companies:

· Expedia – up to 12% cashback

· Aviva Car Insurance – up to £70 cashback

· Sky – up to £80 cashback

· Apple – up to 4% cashback

· nPower – up to £100 cashback

· Boots – up to 8% cashback

For example, if you were booking a hotel on Expedia for £2000, by clicking through Quidco, the price would be the same, but you would receive £240 cash into your Quidco account.

How to I sign up?

Signing up is “free”. I use inverted commas, because although Quidco won’t charge you to a penny to sign up, they with hold back the first £5 you earn each year to cover their costs.

To keep running this blog add free, please Sign up by clicking here. It may afford me a £2.50 referral bonus, but costs you nothing whatsoever!

A warning

Cashback on quidco is not guaranteed and tracking on Quidco can be temperamental. I always follow the policy that if something is the same price or cheaper through a quidco retailer, then DEFINITELY use quidco. If you can get it cheaper somewhere else, buy it there, and don’t take the risk that the cashback may never post in your account.

You can however make a claim for payment. I am in the process of two of these at the moment, and I will keep you updated as to their success.

In conclusion

Signing up to Quidco is a real no brainer, and I encourage you all to sign up immediately and make all your purchases using it (subject to the above warning!)

As always, please post any questions or comments below, and let everybody know what quidco savings you have made.

Please also use the links below to follow my blog and get posts straight to your inbox, and follow the Miles Mogul on Facebook.

Thanks for reading and have a great weekend!

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