How to choose a credit card that fits your lifestyle


In many ways, choosing a credit card is a lot like choosing a new car – your selection needs to fit your lifestyle. There’s no point buying a flashy supercar if you have a young family in tow, while investing in a sizeable SUV makes little sense when you’re a single, young professional. However, although finding the right car can be a lengthy process, choosing a credit card to suit your lifestyle should be very straightforward.

Determine your needs

The first step towards choosing a suitable card is to determine your needs – this will help you to accurately identify the benefits that will best help you. If you frequently make trips abroad, enjoy heading to the theatre most weekends and like to indulge in the occasional shopping spree, your credit card needs will be very different to those with a quieter lifestyle.

Identifying your own particular requirements will help you to narrow down your choice of card considerably. For instance, if you’re a shopaholic then you’ll find credit cards with generous cashback offers very appealing, while cards offering Nectar points could be very beneficial if you’re a parent looking to stretch your monthly budget.

Consider repayments

Your choice of credit card should be influenced by how you intend to make repayments. If you plan to carry a balance from one month to the next, then a card with a low interest rate will be the best choice for you. However, if you’re looking to pay off your balance in full each month, then the interest rate may be less important than the potential rewards and benefits that could be on offer.

Think about additional rewards

Some credit cards offer rewards on top of their introductory offers and account initiatives. For example, American Express allows you to accumulate avios, earn complimentary hotel stays (Starpoints), take advantage of inclusive insurance deals, and enjoy comprehensive Refund and Purchase Protection schemes. Some Amex cards even come with the added benefit of preferred seating packages for a range of events across the UK, including the Summer Series at Somerset House and various performances at London’s National Theatre.

To learn more and find a card to fit your lifestyle, click here

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