A redemption! The culmination of furious miles collecting – saving six grand!

Utila, Honduras. Heading here on Iberia Business Class for 72 quid!

What is the point in obsessively collecting miles and points if you can’t use them? I made a large redemption yesterday and I am sharing the details in order to inspire you to spend some miles and prove that it is very possible to use them in a great way!

I managed to extract 5.5 pence of value out of each mile, which is an excellent return. This is of course based on the equivalent full cash price of the tickets which is somewhat arbitrary as I would never pay £4k for a business class flight to Guatemala!

My redemption did highlight the fantastic value offered by Iberia in business class due to their very low taxes. I should also mention that there was availability to Rio de Janeiro and Bogota (Colombia) for a discounted rate of just 37,500 avios and about £50 tax.




Miles Mogul Paid

Cash Price

Value per avios


London > Madrid

British Airways

Club Europe

£25 + 15,000 avios




Madrid > Guatemala City


Business Plus

£72 + 50,000 avios




Roatan (Honduras) > Miami

American Airlines

Main Cabin Extra

£70 + 7,500 avios




Miami > New York

American Airlines

Main Cabin Extra

£1 + 7,500 avios




New York > London

British Airways

World Traveller Plus

£150 + 30,000




£318 + 110,000 avios




Please be in touch if you would like any help with your next redemption. I am considering offering this as a proper service – it would be great if you could let me know if this is something you would be interested in.

As always, please feel free to comment with any questions or additional tips you may have. Please follow the blog by entering your email below to get posts straight to your inbox, and follow the Miles Mogul on Facebook!


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2 thoughts on “A redemption! The culmination of furious miles collecting – saving six grand!

  1. Daven says:

    Hello Miles Mogul,

    This is very interesting stuff. How much did you have to spend on your card to obtain 110,000 avios points?


    • nickykelvin says:

      Hello Daven!

      It was a combo of sign-up bonuses (22,000 Amex gold, 30,000 SPG, 9,000 BA, 20,000 BMI), spending, other offers (e.g. Tesco life insurance offer 12,000ish), referrals, and actual flying miles (e.g. My trip to Seoul last year alone earned 30,000).

      In terms of actual spending – to answer your question – not that much. I generally spend less than £1k a month on cards.

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